Broadcast and Distribution Partners

The Rural Health Education Foundation frequently collaborates and partners with a range of national television services and broadcast organisations.  A number of the Foundation’s programs are broadcast each year through these partners.  When these occur, they are listed in our upcoming broadcast timetable.

Broadcast Partners

Optus Aurora Satellite

The Rural Health Education Foundation’s satellite broadcasts are delivered via the Optus satellite’s Aurora system, which provides transmission of free–to-air services for the national broadcasters, remote area commercial broadcasters, business television providers, radio broadcasters and audio narrowcasters. Reception of the services can be direct to home (DTH) or direct to business (DTB) via a satellite dish, set top box and Optus Aurora smartcard.

SBS Television

SBS Television has broadcast a number of the Foundation’s Indigenous and community programs since 2006.

National Indigenous Television Service

National Indigenous Television (NITV) commenced operation in July 2007 and has since extended its operations so that it can be viewed via a number of Pay TV providers and via digital television in many cities of Australia.  NITV has broadcast more than twelve Rural Health Education Foundation programs since December 2007.


Westlink is part of the Western Australia Department of Local Government and Regional Development, and operates channel 23 on the Optus satellite service.  Westlink and the Rural Health Education Foundation have worked closely for many years.  Westlink repeats and replays the Foundation’s satellite broadcasts, thereby increasing the accessibility and reach of the programs.

Aurora Community Television Channel

The Aurora Community Television Channel is a 24-hour Australian television community channel which is available through AUSTAR and FOXTEL.  Aurora commenced broadcasting selected Foundation programs in September 2008.

Queensland Department of Health

The Rural Health Education Foundation works collaboratively with Queensland Health to make certain that health and medical professionals in rural and remote Queensland communities have the opportunity to access the Foundation’s educational programs through Queensland Health hospitals and clinics.

Other Organisational Partners

Rural Health Workforce Australia

Rural Health Workforce Australia is the peak body for the rural workforce agencies which recruit and support rural and remote General Practitioners in each state and in the Northern Territory.  The Rural Health Education Foundation has worked closely with the rural workforce agencies since their inception.

The Foundation and Rural Health Workforce Australia have worked closely together in the distribution of a number of documentaries which were broadcast during 2008:

- The Seachange, Treechange, Lifestyle change series features seven stories of General Practitioners who have successfully made the transition to work in rural and remote Australia.

- Wide Horizons:  Health Students Get Out of Town is a 20-minute documentary about a medical student, nursing student and paramedic student on rural placements in Mareeba, QLD and Katherine and Alice Springs, NT.

Australian Rural Doctor – “How to Treat” Articles

Australian Rural Doctor is a magazine aimed at Australian General Practitioners who work in rural medicine, and features regular columns by working rural GPs as well as covering major issues affecting rural communities through in-depth features.  The Rural Health Education Foundation has contributed six “How to Treat” items to the magazine, based on the following Foundation’s programs:

805: Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Joint Approach (August 2008 issue of Australian Rural Doctor)

804: The Management of Secondary Lymphoedema (November 2008 issue)

706: “Syndrome X”: Update on Metabolic Syndrome (October 2007 issue)

701: Chlamydia: Combating the Epidemic (June 2007 issue)

602: Burn Injury: Rural Perspectives (two “How to Treat” articles: July and August 2006 issues)

Alcohol and Other Drugs Council Australia (ADCA)

The Rural Health Education Foundation assisted the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia in promoting Drug Action Week in both 2008 and 2009 amongst rural and remote health professionals.