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The following is a sample of the general feedback we’ve received about the Foundation’s programs and services:

“Health professionals in rural and remote areas need to be more self-reliant and independent than many others. You do need to be confident that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date. It’s in  this respect that the support of the Rural Health Education Foundation and in particular the Rural Health Channel have added that extra element of high quality, timely, accessible, health professional education that is really vital that aspect of peoples work.” – Professor Richard Murray, GP, Dean and Head of School of Medicine & Dentistry, James Cook University, QLD


“Improving access to information on healthy lifestyles and reducing risks factors will make a significant difference in local communities. The Rural Health Education Foundation is making a real contribution to closing the gap between rural and urban Australia.” -Tanya Plibersek, former Health Minister


“Thank you that you are acknowledging the real needs we’ve got and thank you for contributing in such a positive way to reduce the professional and personal isolation that we feel.” – Dr Jenny May, Rural GP and GP Academic University of Newcastle UDRH/RCS, Tamworth NSW


“The Rural Health Education Foundation has also become part of my health promotion program within the community. If there are any programs on the Channel that are relevant to my community, I will actually recommend that people sit and watch them.  I use the channel to reinforce the education I am already giving the community.

The Rural Health Education Foundation has become an unofficial part of the Silverchain staff development program.” – Mrs Jody Morton, RN, Remote Area Nurse, Eneabba, WA


“Your programs are great… It’s a matter of finding the time to watch the full length while at the office!” - Cristina Lochert, Research Communications Manager, The Lowitja Institute


“I find that accessing the RHEF resources is quick, easy and very useful for maintaining current knowledge and gaining quality information about health care initiatives that are in progress in rural and remote Australia. RHEF also provides information about what people in rural areas across Australia are experiencing in relation to their health conditions and the availability of access to health care. Equity of health care for all Australians is every person’s right and the RHEF monitors and reports on issues such as ‘closing the gap’ for health care of indigenous Australians. This is only one of the programs made available by RHEF that all health care providers need to be aware of in order to support health care initiatives across the nation.

The diversity of information and resources is related to rural and remote health, for example, there are specific resources for women’s health, men’s health, mental health, farm safety, end of life care and guidelines on managing difficult consultations to name a few. Access to this information is varied from online, webinars, TV downloads, DVD’s and learning guides.

The DVDs, Resources and Learning Guides are informative and help to highlight current health concerns for people living in rural and remote settings. When relevant I am keen to recommend RHEF resources and website to students, colleagues and peers living in metropolitan, rural and remote Australia. I will continue to utilise and recommend the RHEF site and thank you for providing well researched information on the many current health issues in rural and remote Australia” - Fiona Farmer, Nurse Educator, Cancer and Haematology Nursing, Australian College of Nursing


“I watched ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: The Guideline’ webcast in the comfort of my home office in Townsville. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was that I participated in this webcast. As a nurse and midwife, who now works as a public health researcher, I find it increasingly difficult to keep up to date in many aspects of women’s health. This webcast was extremely informative and I learnt a great deal from it. To my surprise and sheer delight it was simple to join and the audio and visual quality was excellent. These types of forums are invaluable to those of us who are widely dispersed around the country working in a range of roles and trying to keep up to date with current evidence based treatment and management of a range of health conditions.

I also tutor undergraduate (BMid) midwifery students and I will encourage them to check your website for upcoming programs that may assist them in their learning. I am looking forward to your next webcast.” - Dr J.Kelly, Senior Research Fellow and Registered Midwife, Townsville QLD


“I learnt a lot tonight from this webcast [PCOS: The Guideline] and I really appreciated the format. I’ve taken quite a bit in that will help me in my day to day practice. The opportunity to watch at home, no babysitters, no getting home late, children all happy – that was the best. Hopefully there will be more webcasts!” - Dr A.Hacket, General Practitioner, TAS


“Thank you so much for this [Hepatitis] DVD – it is one of the best I have seen for a very long time. I even learnt a few new things after watching the video online, and I have been a “Hep C Nurse” in a rural prison for many, many years! Looking forward to viewing the other DVDs I have just received from you surrounding Indigenous Health – again an area in which we have a great deal of interest. Unfortunately the Indigenous population is quite over represented in the Correctional system.” - M.Edwards, Clinical Services Coordingator, SA Prison Health Service, SA


“Our APS psychologist’s group watched and discussed the Eating Disorders program as part of our ongoing Professional Development program. The Rural Health Education Foundation website is a valuable source of information/PD for rural and remote psychologists. We certainly appreciate the ease of use and accessibility to such high quality programs.“ - Gary Black, Registered Psychologist, Dubbo NSW


“We want to particularly commend the Rural Health Education Foundation for its commitment to addressing the disparities between rural/remote Australia through not only its investment in the National Rural Leadership Development Seminar but also through its education strategies and various resources that you make available. Our delegates were particularly impressed with amazing resources that the Foundation had to offer and the help and information you provided them with.” - Timothy Bromley, Rural and Indigenous Officer, Australian Medical Students’ Association & Shannon Nott, Co-Chair, National Rural Health Students’ Network


“It never ceases to amaze me is how just the right program is scheduled just when I need to learn about it… thanks for keeping me in the loop!” - Charmaine McBrearty, Lifeline – Far North Queensland


“I would like to express my appreciation of your service. It is very impressive; it is nice to know the high level of commitment too.” - Lis Young, Senior Rural Medical Practitioner, Maternal and Child Health, NT


“I am extremely pleased such a Foundation exists. Often in the past, rural friends have asked how to cope with issues such as male suicide and breast cancer. It seems you are responding to a group who have very great needs. Thank you.” - Carol, Bassendean WA


“I have found the programs I have received on other occasions from the Rural Health Education Foundation to be very helpful for clients and Community Programs. The provision of information in general is a great service, thank you.” - Community Outreach Worker, Bathurst Women & Children’s Refuge


“I’m finding the webcasts very interesting and so easy to be able to do from home. Living in the country has limited opportunities to participate in ongoing education without having to travel to Brisbane or Sydney (and the expenses that go with that). I especially enjoy the interaction of the panel members as it gives added information and input from the different areas of expertise of the professionals.” - Kate, RN, Casino NSW


“The range of subjects available is appropriate to my interests and requirements and the format and content is excellent. The coverage is most relevant to day-to-day practice with excellent panels. And, what a pleasant surprise that I then received certification of attendance documentation in the mail. What a great practical, easily accessible, relevant service. Many thanks!” - Vincent Keane, Senior Medical Officer, Next Step Drug and Alcohol Service, WA


Professor Marie Bashir, Governor NSW

“These programs of the Rural Health Education Foundation must be supported and extended. There are big stakes involved, and I do not mean financial. Positive outcomes are a treasury from which every one of us in Australia will benefit. Every one of these children and young people are precious, are irreplaceable. They are Indigenous, yes, but they have a mainstream place as well, they are of vital importance to Australia and to the future of Australia.” - Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales at the launch of the Indigenous youth health documentaries, Stay Strong and Strong and Deadly, Tuesday 10th February 2009


Mr Tom Calma

“The programs Stay Strong and Strong and Deadly show that the Rural Health Education Foundation has an important role to play in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health in Australia.” - Mr Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and Race Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission, at the launch fo the programs, Tuesday 10th February 2009 


“As a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation’s dedication to the health and well-being of those living in rural and remote areas by providing free accredited television-based distance education services to health and medical professionals nationally is truly inspirational; as is the scope, depth and quality of your programs. I had the privilege and pleasure of being involved in the Continence Series: Improving Bowel Continence program, which was a wonderful opportunity and experience. I commend the Foundation staff and film crew for their commitment, friendly assistance and enthusiasm.” - Pamela Todd, Co-founder/Facilitator, Brisbane Bowel Cancer Support Group


“The Foundation’s programs have established a vital knowledge lifeline for rural doctors and health professionals.” - The Hon. Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister and Patron of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia


“Even with the advent of broadband and email, the growth in demand for Rural Health Education Foundation services in recent years demonstrates the superior value of whole-of-communication education services over those which depend on text, audio or graphics in isolation.” - Dr Chris Mitchell, Chair, National Rural Faculty of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


“The Foundation programs are great for me as I have a very demanding family and workload but I can still keep up my PDP at home.” - Dr Clare Jukka, Senior Lecturer GP & RM, School of Medicine, Atherton Tablelands


“Your documentary Drinking for Two? highlights the importance of health professionals understanding the effects of alcohol in the antenatal period and I commend you on the quality of the documentary and the use of key experts to inform your membership.” - Gill Callister, Executive Director, Office for Children, Department of Human Services, VIC


“The program has enabled me to receive pertinent, practical and best practice clinical information across a range of topics and especially those related to Aboriginal health despite our isolation.” - Dr Hugh Heggie, Medical Officer, Amoonguna Health Service NT


“I find that I never get to see the programs live, however these MP3 format files allow me to listen as I drive. Keep up the good work.” - Simon Wilson, GP Registrar, Jamestown SA


“Great idea this webstreaming technology. It is much easier to watch at home on my computer.” - Dr Alison Walsh, Beechworth VIC


“Thanks very much for the DVDs and videos – a great resource that our GPs can access. Keep up the good work.” - Annie Florence, Chronic Disease Management Program Officer, Southeast NSW Division of General Practice Ltd


“A great insight into definitive care and the expectations of first response first aid. From now on I will be noting program times on the calendar to avoid missing them. Keep up the great work.” - Tim, Emergency Response Team Member, Hunter Valley

“The audio podcast of the Burn Injury program was excellent. I really do think that your programs are worthwhile.” - Lisa Kuhn, Coordinator, Emergency Nursing, RMIT University

“A great way of keeping up to date in an interactive way” - Dr Ian Murdoch


“The Foundation must be congratulated in leading Australia in addressing FASD. I was honoured to be involved with production of the broadcast and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all involved in taking the initiative to address this very important health issue, that to date, has received little recognition in Australia.” - Sue Miers AM, Spokesperson, NOFASARD


“Professional education would be near non-existent for isolated practitioners if it were not for this very valuable program.” - Dr Hugh Heggie, Medical Officer, Ammonguna Health Service NT


“The programs (are) immediately relevant to my clinical experience and situation out here in the bush.” - Dr John Gill, Ampilatwatja Aboriginal Settlement NT


“The broadcasts are an important means of education.” - Dr Francis Reed


“The excellent presentations have enabled me to keep abreast of progress in the practice of medicine without undertaking time-consuming travel to the detriment of patient care and family life.” - GP, Portland NSW


“Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with an excellent education program. I really enjoyed and appreciated the experience.” - Michelle McSweeney, Senior Occupational Therapist, Burns Unit, Concord Hospital NSW


“The programs are fantastic – I watch every one, I wouldn’t miss one.” - Dr Tim Hannah, Katherine West Health Board